December 20, 2018
Frank Magliato

Among his most telling experiences, Frank Magliato founded, financed and ran successful telecom company he called Digitec2000, Inc. The company sold prepaid domestic and international long distance calling plans and cards. That was actually his second successful attempt to enter that industry, nor was it his first success. Prior to that, Frank experienced similar success when he founded and financed Telecorp, Inc., another telecom long distance resale company.

His personal success with startups is only one reason Frank Magliato is so often chosen to serve as a member of numerous company boards of directors. Among them include Consorcio Vista Verde, Nabali Investments, and Guardian Financial Group, among others. In fact, his presence on the board of The Guardian Foundation demonstrates a philanthropic side, since their mission is to provide grants to groups who intend to improve the health and welfare of underprivileged children in the Republic of Panama.